Ready to embrace a stress-free downsizing experience?

We offer classes & coaching that provide all the necessary steps to downsize, declutter, pack up and move on. They are specifically made for those who are moving into Independent Living Communities.


You’ll learn all the ins and outs of downsizing

What to do with all that stuff
You will learn where and how to dispose of everything you do not want to move with you.
The emotional side of downsizing
Signs to look for and how to help mom & dad move with no hard feelings.
Getting your house on the market
You will learn how and why houses sell faster through these tips. A bonus checklist is included.

What others are saying about our services

“Linda is completely knowledgeable in the entire downsizing process and how to help people dispose of belongings that won't fit in their new home. Linda also has gone the extra mile by helping several of our residents after they moved in, to shop for and with them for furniture, draperies, rugs, whatever the resident needed.  Linda has a great eye for detail, color and style and the residents loved it!”
Susan Komas, Marketing Director

Got Questions?

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